Right back where it all began..

Venue: The Vu

It was great to be back at The Vu where I did some of my first weddings and this couple’s wedding was a stylist’s delight from start to finish.  There was so much laugher I had to capture it all and show you what a relaxed day it was.

East Lothian and Borders weddings..

Venue: Lady of Loretto Church Musselburgh and Carfraemill, Lauder

This couple had a combination package of video and photography for their day.  And what a day it was!  You could describe it as a lockdown wedding as soon restrictions where still in place and the rain! Oh my God, did it not belt it down! But that didn’t stop my couple from having the most wonderful time.  I’ll show you a few photos from their day as their video is too long for my website!

A day in the Borders..

Venue: Traquair House

This couple had their vow renewal in the Scottish Borders this year and asked me to photograph it.  As I love to travel around Scotland and I love exploring new places and if you are the same then this is the venue for you, as it dates back to 1107 and Mary Queen of Scots even stayed there too.  There is so many nooks and crannies so from their ceremony to their walkaround portrait session this couple and their family were a delight to photograph.  The Groom was a professional wedding photographer too which makes it an extra special honor to be asked and of course to know that fellow professionals also like and appreciate my work.  Here is a selection of my favourites:


2021 restart from Lockdown to…

Venue: Edinburgh City Chambers 

Zoe & Bryan: An elopement to Edinburgh.

This couple embraced their romantic trip from England to Edinburgh to get married at the City Chambers, just as Scotland came out of lockdown. With a few family members including little Ellie; they had the most wonderful time on their wedding day!


New Services coming soon!

I’ve had such fun playing with my new drone these last couple of weeks, it brought a new and wonderful element of creativity and storytelling to my work just for you!  I have been in and around East Lothian testing it out and it is so much fun!

It’s given me so many new angles and perspectives; I can’t wait to add it to my wedding photography and videography packages, to give you a feeling of true cinematic style.  I think will add it as an optional extra at the moment and take it from there!  I do hope you enjoy watching my East Lothian drone footage as much as I enjoyed making it!  Happy flying! Tx


December 2020 weddings…

A wedding that I was so lucky and privileged to be part of.  A covid wedding with a maximum of 20 guests and I got to be there.  I witnessed a fun loving couple get married (at last!) and I was able to film their day.  The wonderful Mearns Kirk in Newton Mearns and Dalmeny Park House Hotel were a lovely compliment to each other as the day was safely planned to perfection from start to finish.

Cameron’s speech summed it up for them both as it was their day as they were determined to enjoy it with their close family and friends.  Do listen to his words as it makes for a great boost to you if you are planning your day. Much love and stay safe, Tx



edinburgh wedding bride & groom


wee update


Firstly, how are you all doing? I’ve been quiet for a bit which is understandable. I bet it is a stressful time for you and I feel for you at this time.  There’s nothing worse than having your wedding well, stopped in its tracks, by a virus we can only control by following all the rules.

I know that you will have a lot to re-organise.  So, here’s is the Scottish Government’s links to what is factual and correct into:

My only advice here is to check your sources are credible and reliable. And stay calm.

So, secondly onto weddings and all things photography in the future.  The best thing to do is contact me before changing your date.  Please do get in touch and I can send you my availability.

You are all amazing and I can only imagine what this must be doing to you.  But don’t give up hope, talk to me and let’s see what we can do. And talk your suppliers to see what they can do.  If there is one thing I have learnt is to always ask questions.

Also, this is just me but consider a weekday wedding? your suppliers might be all able to do this instead of a busy Saturday in those popular months of June, July and August.

Don’t put off contacting me, I’m still here, working away in the background (and of course homeschooling! Just don’t question my 1st year algebra! :D) on various parts of my business.

As I’m loving the quote on ‘Rock my wedding‘ Instagram, who has just created a blogpost on how to postpone your wedding

They say, and I can’t wait for this ‘The comeback is better than the setback!’

See you soon for your comeback! Much love and stay safe, Tx


Round up (I know it’s only November!)

And there’s more photography fun in December, working with Edinburgh College again at their performing arts studio soon, this work is normally added to my other site, so check out these images for more of my other work!

Well it’s been a busy few months and I am just starting to catch my breath after the busy year that I have had!  I thought I’d start with a round up of the year so far!

August 2019 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

I had an amazing time photographing and filming with Vox Stars who offer bespoke singing and performance lessons and had there very first show over 7 nights at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  The show was at the Greenside venue on Infirmary Steet in Edinburgh and what a show it was, empowering, magical and wonderful! To see more of my shots from this show go to my highlights on my facebook page.


Another highlight was Dalkeith Country Park and St Mary’s Church with the lovely wedding of Mark and Louise.  This time it was more about filming their day and capturing the moments that matter to them.  Check out this highlight wedding video to see what their wedding day was like. I tried not to do the slow moving wedding video in this one, with some cool saxaphone vibes, but more of the fly on the wall effect, documenting what is actually happening on your day.

From April through to August, I photographed many weddings where my happy couples, bride and grooms getting married.  I’ll pick a few of my favourites and I promise to try and blog more often, but the highlights for me where, definitely Bo’ness such a lovely wedding day and Angela and Allan couldn’t have been more lovely.  I do love it when familes come together to celebrate the happy couple’s day.  Big LOVE to you and I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon traveling in your campervan around France and Europe!

Bo’ness bride

Loved this couple and their relaxed wonderful day!




January 2019 – April 2019

Historic Environment Scotland

For the first quarter of the year, I worked for Historic Environment Scotland as a Field Photographer! Yes that’s right, as I am a professional trained and fully qualififed photographer, I can take different types of photographs for different clients!  Not only do I get to view and photograph in some lovely wedding venues in East Lothian, but all around Scotland, I also did the same while working with Historic Environment Scotland

I had a wonderful time working and discovering all the different sites within our beautiful country.  If you want to find out more about the team that I worked with, here is a link to there round up of the year and some of my work featured, in the survey and recording team publication 2019



I’m still busy editing my summer weddings and getting ready for my new studio opening at the end of the month! HASHTAG EXCITED!!! 😀 😀 Do  book through my facebook page Tracey Largue Photography  or via this rather nifty form that I need you to fill in! Easy!



Rich shadows..

It’s probably best that I start from here in 2019, please do read below but the more up to date info I will start from the top on the page, so you guys don’t need to scroll, as I now how hard it is choosing your best match for a photographer, I’ll save you the bother of scrolling for new info and blog posts.

This is a quick post to say that I am enjoying shooting and editing in a (newish) style, I love the deep rich shadows on my recent wedding and had to chat about them.  If you like deep rich shadows in your photographs, then check out my instagram, it’s just the best, (in my opinion!) I hope you think so to, give my insta a love if you agree! Txx @weddingsbytracey

Hello! And welcome to my first blog post!  I really really needed to do this so that you know that I am a real person and it is not a computer robot that is adding images to my website!  First of all thank you for reading my first blog post as I guess you are planning your wedding and you are looking for someone to capture your special wedding day.  That person could be me, I really hope so and we can get together for a chat to discuss your needs.

Let me first introduce you to a favourite photoshoot of mine; this happened last year.  I know, it takes me a while to get round to writing as I do prefer photographing and editing my beautiful photos and films for you to enjoy.  I am going to start my blog from September 2017, as I have photographed weddings in previous years I simply can’t remember all the details for a good blog post.  However, I have been waiting for a long time to get these beauts on my blog.  As sometimes I like to take the fashion shoot approach to my beautiful brides…. I hope you love these as much as I do too, enjoy!

September 2017

Fashion and styling was by a good friend Mille Scott Bespoke who can create a wedding dress or complete alterations for you here in East Lothian.

Also, makeup was completed by a fabulous makeup artist Makala Makeup by Makala

The photoshoot that I have been meaning to talk about is the fabulous vintage style photoshoot from last year.   The day as I can remember was not the best in terms of weather.  You know the kind, the rainy stuff that isn’t rain but is still in the air and gives you frizzy hair.  However, we carried on, and Mantina my gorgeous model was a professional.  And I am so glad we did as we created some beautiful shots together at Smeaton tea rooms in East Linton.  It’s the one thing I do like is a great portrait session for my brides.  I think we worked brilliantly as a team and I hope we get to do it again sometime! Tx

September 2017

That very same month I photographed a beautiful Edinburgh wedding at the Grassmarket Community Centre with the lucky winners of the Win your Wedding competition.  I had spotted this online and as they do great work for their community by helping and supporting others, I thought that I could be involved and offer my services.  This is something that I like to do, to help others or organisations with my skills in order to boost their values, help achieve their goals and promote their good work within their community.  The day was a beautiful day and I thought I’d share some of those lovely memories with you.

And this year 2018 brings……..

If you had been wondering what else I have been doing well, fast forward to GDPR, graduation (yes!), all the work I do with Edinburgh college, annnddd, back to weddings in Scotland, weddings in East Lothian in a fantastic rural location and weddings in Edinburgh, which was also fantastic.  So bear with me, as this is a step back in (a short) time.  More frequent updates coming soon, I promise!  If you would like to chat about your wedding photography needs, do let me know at

May 2018

Rewind back to May 2018.  And I set up my GDPR policies in place to ensure that your data that you share with me is safe and secure.  And to add to this here is my website privacy policy on my other website Tracey Largue Photography

Also in that month, brought about some fabulous work that I do with Edinburgh College.  If you wish to see this as it’s not exactly wedding related, but still relevant if you wish to see my range of photography skills.  Again, please do visit my other website.

June 2018 – A fabulous MacDonald Houston House wedding of Claire & Adam’s wedding.  From beautiful bouquets to fun moments here are some of my favourite photos.  Loving the bride’s tattoos as Adam places the ring of her finger! Xx

Another fabulous wedding really close to home this time was Kate and Andrew’s Wedding near a little village near me called Spott in East Lothian.  An outdoor setting with a lovely doocot location in some stunning floral and countryside surroundings.  Another relaxed and go-with-the-flow kinda day are the ones that I like.  I won’t boss you around (if you don’t want me to) or insist on promotional images just for me as my images, speak for themselves and are for you on your special wedding day. Increasingly, I am enjoying the spontaneous moments at weddings and I will be featuring more of these in my collection of images to you. Take a look at some of my other favourite images from Kate and Andrew’s wedding…

Another wedding in Edinburgh City Chambers in July 2018 brought me to meet a lovely couple that was Alastair and Shauna. I loving the rich deep colours at the moment, echoing the styles of some of my favourite photographers (check out William Eggleston and Saul Leiter)  as this is the style that I am going to continue with from now on.  This was a small and intimate wedding with a close family and friends.  There are a few of my favourite quirky shots in these slides 😀  These guys were so much in love and laughter and I think you can tell from these intimate portraits…